How do we provide accurate advice and the necessary products for fine crops? It's simple: years of experience. At Northeast Agricultural Sales Inc., we are a company built on hard work and the right combination of education and hands-on field experience. We are committed to helping our customers grow fine crops.

Jim Choiniere, the President of Northeast Agricultural Sales Inc., started working for Old Fox Fertilizer Co. in the 1960's as a salesperson. After almost 30 years of working his way up, on January 1st 1987 Jim bought Old Fox Fertilizer and created Northeast Agricultural Sales Inc.

Jim continues to grow the sweetest corn and "Jimmy's Famous" potatoes on his property in "The Kingdom" of Northeast Vermont.

Jim's sons, Nate and Justin, both grew up working alongside their father in the family business gaining valuable experience.

Nate graduated from SUNY with a degree in Applied Science and continues to lead the operations from the Lyndonville, VT location.

Justin graduated from VTC with a degree in Agribusiness Management and currently leads the operations from the Detroit, ME location.